A Fish Shooting Action Skill Based Gaming Platform.

A Fish Shooting Action Skill Based Gaming Platform

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Barracuda Sit Down and Upright Gaming Terminal Configuration.

  • All terminals allow for 2 Player | 4 Player | 8 Player | 10 Player.
  • Monitor sizes 32”-55”
  • Any Barracuda Fish Game Label
  • Adjustable hold - Easy or Hard
  • Players can choose between 1 - 5000 points per shot. Or house configuration.
  • Point’s value can be determined by location and redeemed for anything location wants (Prizes, Gift Cards, Cash, or other Merchandise)
  • Any of our games can be configured as follows:
  • Each Player Station: configured with a Bill Acceptor and Printer. Player is finished playing they redeem points and ticket is printed. Player can redeem points from cashier or redemption area.
  • Each Player Station: configured with Bill Acceptor at each Player Station & One (1) Remote Printer mounted by Cashier or redemption area.
  • Wireless- Player Card System – New Player signs up for a new permanent “Player Card” upon first use of the game. Then Player can load this card with points from Cashier, Loading Station or both. All points redeemed by Player go on card. Player can then redeem Points by going to Cahier or redemption counter.
  • POS System. Player buys points from Cashier. Cashier Prints ticket and credits terminal. Player can then play terminal. Player redeems points by pressing button at his terminal. A redeem ticket is printed on remote printer located by Cashier or redemption area. POS system allows online remote access for key management.


All terminals allow for 2 Player, 4 Player, 8 Player or 10 players to play at any time. Stand-up or Sit Down.

PlayPortal Cashless Card System

This is an innovative ‘tap and play’ cashless system. Players are able to load credits onto a PlayPortal Card, then the player taps this card onto a PlayPortal Card reader installed on an arcade or gaming machine in order to pay for play. Once the player has finished the game, the amounts of points won are stored on the PlayPortal Card. When the player has finished their session/game, they can use the points on their card to redeem prizes or money. This system is suitable for both arcade and gaming venues due to its versatility and adaptability. The PlayPortal Cashless Card System can be used on ANY arcade machine.

Coin In / Hopper Out

This is a common configuration option suited for low value games and is also known as “Coin In/ Coin Out”. This option entails players inserting coins in order to begin the game. Once the player has finished the game, the hopper will distribute coins according to the amount the money won during the game, for instance if the player won $20 the hopper will distribute eighty 25c pieces to the player. This is most appropriate for machines that have low winning potential due to its convenience and usability.

Coin In / Ticket Redemption

This option is normally used for prize redemption in arcade centres where players can redeem their tickets for gifts and prizes.This option involves players inserting coins to commence their game and once the game is completed they are presented with tickets reflecting the amount of points won during the game.For example, if a player earned 50 points during a game, they will be given 50 tickets.These tickets can then be redeemed for prizes or gifts.

Bill Acceptor / Thermal Printer

This option is most profitable for gaming machines that have a high earning potential.It involves players inserting notes in order to play the machine.Once the player has finished their game, they are presented with a print out of the amount of points or money won during the game.This print out can then be redeemed for prizes or money depending on your venue.

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